Miku miku

Age: 16 Gender Female Height 5'2" / 158 cm Weight 92.4 lbs / 42 kg

Hatsune Miku, she is the most famous Vocaloid out there, apearing in concerts, school news, and on popular videos.

She is very popular, as a vocaloid2.

her name literally means "the first sound from the future" she is a total popstar!

she mainly sings in japanese.

is 16, Female.

height: 5'2" / 158 cm

weight: 92.4 lbs / 42 kg

item: Leek

she is known all over the world as a cute popstar.

some belive the vocaaloids are family, but they arn't related in any way. most think Miku is the sister of rin and len.

she is famous for songs such as:

  • Levan Polka (Miku)
  • PoPiPo (miku)
  • Canterella (Miku, Kaito)
  • Romeo and cinderella (Miku Kaito)
  • World is mine (Miku)

and other major songs that can be found on Youtube

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